Geosynthetic Liners

Our firm works closely with De Novo Pacific, a company specializing in pond integrity services. DNP has over 45 years of combined experience in the environmental and geosynthetics industries with certified and licensed staff. Their services include:

  • Electrical leak location for geomembrane lined impoundments
  • Media sampling including liquid, solid, and gas phases
  • Flow metering in closed and open conduits; and dairy pond leakage collection and recovery system.

45 Years of Combined Experience.

Spark Testing and Electrical Leak Location

We conduct spark testing during the initial placement and construction of dry geomembranes. Our personnel works closely with the geomembrane installation crew as they complete and test all seams and repairs on the exposed geomembrane. Leaks from the spark testing survey will be identified with colored marking paint and/or painted sandbags. The identified leaks will be spark tested a second time once the installation crew has repaired the leaks.
Upon completion of the geomembrane installation and pond filling, our experienced crew can conduct a water survey consisting of a dipole used to locate leaks in the pond. DNP’s proprietary method utilizes ASTM D7007 for leak location. The survey will begin once the water is filled to the desired level. Each survey is conducted on a grid system, and voltage will be recorded on all geomembrane submerged beneath the water surface. The recorded data is processed and a report will be prepared showing any anomalies. If there are anomalies, DNP recommends making repairs before further filling of the pond.
Utilizing their services is advantageous as it provides another level of protection to the designer, installer, and owner by ensuring the liner has undergone strict CQA. By being on site as a third-party testing company, DNP will ensure the installer is doing his best to complete the job properly. A second level of assurance is provided by knowing the geomembrane tested is leak free, which will provide confidence to the owner and regulating authority that the geomembrane has been constructed to the best standards.

Experts in environmental engineering and hydrogeology.

DNP can perform all monitoring of the LCRS per the Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring Plan. Our team consists of certified, licensed, and highly experienced experts in environmental engineering and hydrogeology. We have conducted ASTM compliant monitoring over a wide range of Federal, County, City, and private projects throughout the United States. Our staff are experts in planning, sampling, and reporting all environmental media including groundwater, surface water, soil vapor, ambient vapor, wastewater, soil, naturally occurring compounds, and organic media. Additionally, we can provide monitoring, mitigation, and remediation for projects with accurate and rapid reporting and delivery.

Construction Quality Assurance

We have certified experts that can complete third party Construction Quality Assurance for geomembrane installation for a wide range of projects including dairy, commercial, and municipal solid waste (MSW) projects. Our CQA staff are licensed to meet water quality regulatory requirements. We work with the owner and engineer to deliver third party oversight to ensure your geomembrane construction meets engineering project specifications. We can provide project management, documentation, and reporting that will meet or exceed regulatory review requirements.

Geosynthetic Liner CQA

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