Dairy Digesters

Maintaining the

Hartman Standard.

Our peers tell us our team is one of the most experienced in the state to design and manage the construction of anaerobic dairy digesters. Between extensive research and development and working for the top developers in the state of California, we are continuously evolving our anaerobic digester design.

Carefully monitoring, measuring and obtaining data from past projects translates to innovation. We take data from past projects and incorporate them in future developments of design given site constraints. As a result of our design, CQA and construction management experience, we can confidently engineer, procure, construct and commission your anaerobic digester project.

Pond Liner Systems

Hartman Engineering has been designing and gaining approval on both Tier 1 and Tier 2 liner systems for dairy and other agriculture waste. We have designed and constructed over 75 ponds in the state of California alone, with many more to come. In the last 10 years, we have gained approval on many code changes to that have reduced construction costs and provided a better product for the industry. Our firm continues to study and research further methods to reduce costs, and monitor leakage and seepage at low costs. We are experienced with electrical leak location, with a goal to further improve the existing technology.

Caballero Dairy Digester

Dairy Permitting and Waste Management Planning

Our firm has over 15 years of experience measuring, metering, and calculating dairies waste and water usage. We have been at over 200 dairy facilities and understand the California Water Board and other Agencies’ stringent regulations and goals to manage waste. Using technology to further measure and monitor waste at facilities with the end goal of creating energy and nutrients.
Hartman has experience with designing waste management upgrades for a digester during the operation of a dairy. Dairies never shut down, and his experience has been valuable in coordination of construction to allow for the facility to continue to operate during construction.

Dairy Digester Laboratory R&D

Our commitment to continuous research and development of digesters allow us to provide you the most innovative solution. We fund and operate our own digester and laboratory to continuously monitor design practices and bring improvements to the industry.

Dairy Digester Pond Liner

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