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Our Vision:


his whole journey started when I was 5 years old on my family’s dairy.  I was more interested in watching and creating bubbles in the dairy pond than I was feeding cows.  Learning that cow waste created gas that could be energy amazed me.  Further coming to the understanding that the same waste could also used as fertilizer on the fields was mind blowing at that age.  It was then I decided I wanted to design systems of turning manure into fertilizer and energy for the dairy industry and not stay and work on the family farm.

All of these interests led me to Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on water and environmental design practices.  My junior year, I started a business to assist agricultural friends and family in the valley to improve their waste management practices.  However, the economics and regulatory side of the industry hadn’t created a demand for my services.

The economics and regulatory side of the industry hadn’t created a demand for my services.

In 2007, the Water Board put a regulation in place requiring dairies to inventory and comply with a set of rules which required hiring a Civil Engineer.  I knew the market was changing and there would be a demand for my skill sets and passion.

Eventually, I wrote a business plan to leave my first job after college with three others and formed 4Creeks.  After a short period of time, the market responded for our fresh ideas and we eventually built an awesome environment for designers to gather.

This new chapter and vision has been created to be even more proactive in the market place.

Early 2017 I decided to branch off and start Hartman Engineering to be able to spend more time and invest on research and development in the agricultural market.  We will soon be constructing and testing functional examples of our new ideas, to display to the industry how to economically cash-flow those improvements.

When you hire us, you have hired Agriculture’s Army.

The Army has been set up to defend through proven innovation of environmental design practices.  At the end of the day, these techniques will be less demanding of energy and resources, and comply with regulations. We strive for the day when our Agriculture friends and families have that same eureka moment similar to when an electric vehicle owner realized they no longer need a smog check.

We feel with all the deadlines for current regulations, the next few years will be a revolution for Agriculture in California, and we hope you consider talking with us to assist you through the processes.

Our Mission:

Provide Clients Leadership, Innovation
and Technology to achieve both
environmental and business goals


  • Water Board Permitting and Regulatory Assistance
  • Dairy Anaerobic Digesters and Bio-Energy Systems
  • Pistachio Huller and Processing Design, Permitting and Regulatory Assistance
  • Construction Management
  • Geo-synthetic Design, CQA
  • Irrigation & Ditch Design
  • Civil Site Design for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
  • Photo-voltaic Systems Permitting and Civil Design
  • Hydraulic and Hydrology Analysis & Design
  • Agriculture Permitting and Design
  • Industrial Facility Site Design
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention
  • Wastewater System Design
  • SPCC

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