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his whole journey started when I was 5 years old on my family’s dairy.  I was more interested in observing and creating bubbles in the dairy pond than I was in feeding or milking cows. Learning that waste from cows actually creates gas that could be used as an energy source or fertilizer amazed me. Harnessing this natural life cycle for further efficiency and benefit to the dairy owners and farm processes continues to fascinate me to this day.  It was from an early age that I decided I wanted to design systems of turning manure into fertilizer and energy for the dairy industry rather than stay and work on the family farm.

In my junior year at Cal Poly, I started my first business to assist friends and family in agriculture to improve upon their waste management practices.  Then, in 2007, the Water Board put a regulation in place requiring dairies to inventory and comply with a set of rules which required hiring a Civil Engineer. I knew at that time that the market was changing, slowly but drastically,  and there would be a significant and ongoing demand for my specific skill sets and passions.

After earning my degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on water and environmental design practices from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I moved back to the San Joaquin Valley to serve the agricultural industry. Even bigger than my sense of hope was my sense of determination to bring about effective change for the industries and companies I would both serve and create. Forming 4Creeks, Inc., as one of the four founding members, was an initial dream realized. However, I still had a need and a calling to grow and serve a more specified market with my own distinct skill set.

This new chapter and vision has been created to be even more proactive in the market place.

In early 2017, I decided to branch off from 4Creeks and start my own professional practice, Hartman Engineering. This allowed me to spend more time and resources on research and development in the agricultural market. We now construct and test functional examples of our new ideas, to display to the industry how to economically cash-flow those improvements.

When you hire us, you have hired Agriculture’s Army.

“Agriculture’s Army” has been set up to fully defend the industry through proven innovation of environmental design practices.  These techniques are implemented to be less demanding of energy and resources while in compliance with new and long standing state and federal regulations. Ultimately, our goal for our clients in the ag industry can be compared similarly to the ‘eureka!’ moment electric vehicle owners have when they realize that they no longer need a smog check. We strive to save all parties time, money, resources, and create long lasting impacts that are both highly lucrative and working to create a sustainable future.

At Hartman Engineering, we feel with all the deadlines for current and developing regulations, the next few years will be revolutionary for agriculture in California, specifically pertaining to one of its most valuable resources – water. We are set apart from our competitors not only in our services provided, but in the transparency and integrity we uphold in every project. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, we truly believe in “being the change you wish to see in the world.” We are always excited to assist our clients in their desires for new innovation, cost savings, and effective environmental change for a sustainable future.

Although our reputation precedes us and has put our professional practice in high demand, we always maintain an open-door policy to returning and new clients alike, and would be more than happy to discuss how we may be able to provide solutions and support to you as well.

I look forward to personally helping you,

Craig Hartman, Principal Engineer

Owner, CEO & President of Hartman Engineering Inc.

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